Mais louco que o Batman

My favourite Brazilian expression is, ficar mais louco que o Batman, which literally means ‘to become crazier than Batman’ and is used to describe a wild night out, a state of inebriation or someone who is completely bonkers. I’m not sure why Batman is such a cultural touchstone for Brazil, but his craziness is no more apparent than in his own eponymous alleyway, Beco de Batman. Located in Vila Madalena, São Paulo’s artsy,  bohemian district, it’s an explosion of colour and psychedelic street art. As if protesting against the concrete of the city, the colours conspire to overwhelm the grey.

The concrete jungle is best viewed from the top of Edificio Itália, where all you can see is São Paulo. It’s not as sexy as New York or London, and without the Hudson or the Thames, or any famous landmarks to put it into perspective, the sea of skyscrapers is endless.


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