Be brave, clench fists

Blue sky, thirteen years old and
I remember
cold hands that forgot how to hold.
I remember
the heavy languor of pallid limbs and
I remember

Something cut me loose,
untethered me.
I am no longer normal.
Branches of pain spread
their scaffold over me,
but I am just a fallen leaf,
a broken twig,

Every day is just a
just a navigation
of the potholes left in your wake.
Not so sure-footed on
the winding road but
led by blinding lights.

Nothing will ever be

the same again,

but right down in
the dark depths,
right down in the
muddy hollow,
tentative tendrils clutch
for light.

And so
I emerge from the storm,
a fresh shoot.

Delicate at first but
stronger by the day.


One thought on “Be brave, clench fists

  1. Dearest Huge, yet another very powerful poem. Yet again,brought me to tears. Keep writing, you are so talented. Can’t wait to buy your first book.
    Tones of love


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